instagram marketing tips

Instagram Basics for Small Business

instagram marketing tips

You may be wondering if Instagram can help your small business, will they can do that and more. Instagram offers almost everything a business user could want on a social network.

So much so that it might be the most efficient platform out theirs. Businesses have been flocking Instagram in droves Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Disney and all just few names.

In this article, I will cover tips on how you can use your images and video to reach customers on Instagram.

The first tip is to subscribe to the Instagram for a business blog, and response to the number of businesses that have started using the platform and started the business blog which offers tips Brand Spotlight, API examples, and news from the Instagram HQ.

Another important thing to remember is to balance fun images with serious pictures from your business. Having a sense of humor is usually appreciated by all social media followers, so don’t be afraid to show yours.

By taking advantage of this page, you can tell your story and images. By tracking engagement agree images you will be able to quickly see what your followers like best.

Of course, you want to cultivate a following. The tips for getting more followers on Instagram are the same for any other social media site cross promote.

Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account as well as your website. Post some of your Instagram images to your Facebook page with the hashtag that aligns with your brand image or current campaign. This will expand your reach.

When you use hashtags be sure they are relevant and if possible use trending or popular hashtags. You can build your following by being engaged. So be sure to follow others in your field and like their photos.

Another tip is to use Instagram’s video option. Instagram allows for 15-second filter enabled videos. If you make your own videos, use Instagram’s video feature to promote the full video on your other social media sites. You can record a special announcement about the video or use clip from the video. Be creative.

By the way, you can invite your Instagram video in your blog or website.

The embed feature is in the Instagram desktop web browser version. Since you never know, we’ll see your shares on the social networking platform embed your Instagram video in your blog or website. Doing so further extend to reach your content.

One of the more frequently asked questions I get about how often once you post. My devices to have a flexible posting plan. You do not need to post on Instagram every day. When you first start you may feel the need to fill up the page.

Instagram has the most laid-back atmosphere, and you don’t want to overwhelm your followers. If you post dozens of images that once it was saturate your followers feed. Instead, decide what you have ready to post and then create a schedule for posting. Don’t dump everything on your followers at once. Give them a reason to come back.

The most important thing to take away in using Instagram is that you should have fun with it. The platform is simply visual to explore all the possibilities it brings. You never know your business could become the next big name to follow.